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Slide Share’s full of useful knowledge

Best practices for PySpark programming Programming in Spark using PySpark from Mostafa Elzoghbi History of SQL and all the advanced features over the last 30 years among big vendors. Modern SQL in Open Source and Commercial Databases from Markus Winand

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Amazon Redshift’s Unsupported Features of PostGres

Redshift is based off branch of PostGreSQL 8.0.2 [ PostgreSQL 8.0.2 was released in 2005] here’s all the unsupported fancy PostGres Stuff: taken directly from amazon’s manual. The bigs ones are: No Store Procedures, No Constraints enforcement, No triggers and no … Continue reading

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basic database table creation and load from csv using mysql and postgres

Basic database table creation with MySql and PostGreSQL. The starting point to most data applications is getting the data feeds and populating the tables. here’s an example of the process I’m loading a stock_history table from yahoo finance api source. … Continue reading

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SQL tip: To get first 10 Rows from a Table and profile the columns

For people working with database tables: Most will want to check out the columns in the table and do a quick scan to get 10 rows to sample data in the table. Here’s the SQL syntax for doing that with … Continue reading

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