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Improve Amazon Redshift table performance fast & easy.

Assuming Redshift¬†tables are un-compressed because most people don’t do it. list all the big tables by size, here’s a script run analyze compression analyze compression public.report_table_name; Example results: table column encoding est_reduction_pct report_table_name rowid raw 0 report_table_name create_date zstd 9.49 … Continue reading

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Amazon Redshift’s Unsupported Features of PostGres

Redshift is based off branch of PostGreSQL 8.0.2 [¬†PostgreSQL 8.0.2 was released in 2005] here’s all the unsupported fancy PostGres Stuff: taken directly from amazon’s manual. The bigs ones are: No Store Procedures, No Constraints enforcement, No triggers and no … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Micro-Batch Loading on Amazon Redshift

Best Practices for Micro-Batch Loading on Amazon Redshift Article by AWS blog I work with Redshift everyday now at Amazon. It’s very useful big data warehouse tool. Here’s a blog post about loading data into it. It’s very s3 dependent … Continue reading

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