How do I unlock blocking queries in Amazon Redshift?

I noticed my dimension table was stuck when I query it for etl job and the truncate statement fails to return.

“Locking is a protection mechanism that controls how many sessions can access a table at the same time and which operations can be performed in those sessions. Most relational databases use row-level locks. Amazon Redshift uses table-level locks. You might experience locking conflicts if you perform frequent DDL operations on user tables, such as ALTER, DROP or TRUNCATE, or DML changes such as UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT. ”

I use this handy check what’s the locking blocked pids with this code:

use the blocking pid column from this output to find the jobs to kill.

select a.txn_owner, a.txn_db, a.xid,, a.txn_start, a.lock_mode, a.relation as table_id,nvl(trim(c."name"),d.relname) as tablename, a.granted, as blocking_pid ,datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())/86400||' days '||datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())%86400/3600||' hrs '||datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())%3600/60||' mins '||datediff(s,a.txn_start,getdate())%60||' secs' as txn_duration
from svv_transactions a 
left join (select pid,relation,granted from pg_locks group by 1,2,3) b 
on a.relation=b.relation and a.granted='f' and b.granted='t' 
left join (select * from stv_tbl_perm where slice=0) c 
left join pg_class d on a.relation=d.oid
where  a.relation is not null;
select pg_terminate_backend(blocking_PID);

Remember amazon redshift locks the whole table. 


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