Creating a Tableau Report level View Filter (1 report varying view depending on tableau user logged in)

Creating a Report level View Filter in Tableau (1 report varying view depending on tableau user logged in)

use case:

You want a report to show an employee’s daily sales and for the employee to only see his data and manager to see all his employees’ data.

1. create mapping table with user_manager along with the daily sales data

table 1: user_manager

user_name, manager_name,
mike_s, boss_a
mike_s, mike_s

table 2: user_sales

date, sales_amt, user_name

2018/03/04, $20, mike_s
2018/03/03, $20, mike_s

join two objects together in tableau or before it.

select a.user_name, a.manager_name,, b._sales_amt from user_manager a join user_sales b on a.user_name= b.user_name

now we have:   user_name, manager_name, date, sales_amt

2. create tableau to import the entire object of two tables.

3. create calculated field called permission similar. *most important*
with formula username() = manager_name

4. add and apply permissions filter to tableau workbook

source of this example:

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