mysql tricks: do instant table swap to mitigate mysql deadlock error.

A deadlock in MySQL happens when two or more transactions mutually hold and request for locks, creating a cycle of dependencies. … InnoDB automatically detects transaction deadlocks, rollbacks a transaction immediately and returns an error. It uses a metric to pick the easiest transaction to rollback. MyISAM engine locks the entire table from read/write requests.

For example you have a near realtime table that you need to update via etl every 10 min , and that same table is used by your clients to read the current status of say batch processes status.

Avoid the mysql deadlock error by re-loading table in near-realtime. First to check if your tables are locked run as root or db admin :

show processlist ;

How do you write to a table while someone’s reading it without deadlock? Simple: load a staging table of the same table structure and do a rename swap in mysql.

Here’s the steps in list format

  1. create a table with the same structure of the original one.
  2. have etl load that table instead.
  3. do some data validity checks.
  4. do rename table swap code:  a->c, b->a, c->b  (a = prod, b = stage, c=temp)

example mysql code:

  1. create table current_status_stage like  current_status_stage;

  2. — load table from source system via mysql command line or otherwise. ex csv

  3. LOAD DATA INFILE "/tmp/current_status.csv"
    INTO TABLE current_status_stage
    ESCAPED BY '"'
  4. RENAME TABLE reporting.current_status TO reporting.current_status_old, reporting.current_status_stage To reporting.current_status;RENAME TABLE reporting.current_status_old TO reporting.current_status_stage

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