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DevFestDC : key takeaways of the Google Cloud Products

TensorFLow : google’s machine learning api can be super powerful. Just make json REST calls to the end-point and get results based on google’s machine learning lib. Uses cases: 1. identify an image (image classification) 2. parse speech into text … Continue reading

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basic database table creation and load from csv using mysql and postgres

Basic database table creation with MySql and PostGreSQL. The starting point to most data applications is getting the data feeds and populating the tables. here’s an example of the process I’m loading a stock_history table from yahoo finance api source. … Continue reading

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My personal review of a few top Business Intelligence tools

The Business Intelligence Space changes every year but some things remain the same. Here’s my reviews of some of the most common BI software in the market; some I have used extensively.   Top Dogs: (aka expensive enterprise software) MicroStrategy … Continue reading

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